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Are You a "Neo-Nomad"?

Ok, this is officially a meme: A writer named Dan Fost did a story for the San Francisco Chronicle a couple of weeks ago that's been tearing up the blogosphere--not surprisingly, since it's about Silicon Valley techy freelancers with laptops and cellphones working in coffeehouses, a demographic that probably encompasses a lot of bloggers. Like most freelancers, these "Bedouins" use technology to be part of collaborating groups even as they seek out face-to-face company in cafes. The story is pretty bullish, in that fizzy Web 2.0 way, about the advantages of working as part of "Free Agent Nation." The BBC World News picked up the story on Monday, and quoted from a scholar whose blog is also called "neo-nomad," saying she "is especially interested in how people who work on the move retain a sense of belonging to places and organisations, and at the way new technologies open up new ways of belonging to groups and even companies."

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