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Member of the week: Sara Barker, technical writer/editor


Our member of the week is Sara Barker. Sara is a technical writer as well as an editor. She completed a Professional Certificate Program in Technical Communications at the American University in Paris. When web sites or computer programs are too complicated to figure out, refer to the user guide, and you may see some of Sara’s work. Sara’s website has examples of what she does. Check out our interview with Sara and her profile as well, and if you have yet to create one of your own, what are you waiting for?

1. What has been your most interesting project?

My most interesting work is editing for McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. Because they provide consulting services to businesses and governments around the world, I have the opportunity to learn about all sorts of issues and interesting new trends in business, technology, and governance. 2. Why did you decide to go freelance? I also work in New York theatre and find that I really need my schedule to be flexible. In addition, I love to be able to set my own hours and find I am more productive working this way than were I to sit at a desk from 9 to 5 everyday.

3. What tip would you give to a new freelancer or someone who is considering going freelance?

Never underestimate the power of acquaintances. Some of my best assignments have come from simply letting friends of friends know about my skills.

4. What is your favorite spot in the city in which you live?

Prospect Park: I live within walking distance and my dog, a seven year old whippet, and I go there nearly every day. 5. What is your inspiration? A job well done. If I complete an assignment and feel good about the work I put in on it, I'm always eager to start another.

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