It's not just New York: freelancing in Wisconsin

Sep 21, 2006

"Tax day was Sept. 15 for some of us," writes Bill Berry in The Capital Times, out of Madison, Wisconsin. As freelancers know, another deadline for quarterly estimated taxes just passed. Berry's article is a timely reminder that that many of the issues that matter to independent workers cut across geographic and industry lines. His laundry list of tax gripes includes the self-employment tax, social security, and Medicare, which freelancers pay in a higher proportion than other workers. It's no surprise to us--though it might be to those unfamiliar with freelancing--that Berry names independent workers' number one challenge as lack of affordable insurance. Freelancers Union would like to help change that. We have plans to bring insurance to other states, and we're advocating for fairer taxes. If you're not a member yet--especially if you live outside New York--please join us. We need as many voices as we can get.