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Member of the week: Juliette Aiyana

As the profile count on our Yellow Pages continues to rise (now above 1000!), the wide-ranging talents of our members appear to be limitless. One of these is our newest member of the week, Juliette Aiyana. Juliette is a Licensed Acupuncturist, as well as a Chinese Herbalist. It is her strong conviction that health can be achieved using alternatives to Western medicine. Juliette has her own Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Center located in Union Square (New York City). To learn more about Juliette check out her website as well as her answers to the questions below.

Juliette Aiyana

1. What has been your most interesting project? Every patient I see provides me with an interesting project since they come in with such a variety of health problems. I am especially interested in teaching patients how to become empowered and proactive in their healthcare. Also writing my book about Chinese medicine and Weight loss for Blue Poppy Press has been very interesting.

**2. Why did you decide to go freelance? **

** **At age 21. I am 34 now. Best decision ever!

**3. What tip would you give to a new freelancer or someone who is considering going freelance? **

** **Love what you choose to do because nothing else is worth it. Write a business plan. Take classes and read books on how to do this. Constantly self educate and reinvent. Take short and long rest and relaxation and vacation time, from a one-hour massage to a one-week vacation away.

4. What is your favorite spot in the city in which you live?

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, baby!

** 5. **What is your inspiration?

Health is a state of peace. I believe that if people find peace within then they spread peace throughout the world. I am inspired to help people find physical and psycho-emotional/spiritual peace.

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