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PPI: Census data spell doom & gloom

Yesterday, the Progressive Policy Institute acknowledged that the social safety net is "no longer catching Americans losing health benefits." (This follows the release of the new census data.) The PPI points to the high cost of coverage as the problem, saying, " The nation saw an upward spiral of costs and uninsured rates previously in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The difference this time is that the cost increases are being added to a much higher base." They conclude that this year, the average family will be paying more than $13,000 for health insurance. But what about proposing a solution? Why doesn't the PPI point out strategies, such as Freelancers Union's, that are actually making progress in this area? (Most of the members on our insurance plans were previously either uninsured or had only temporary coverage.) The PPI should refer to resources that offer solutions to a problem rather than to those that just describe one.

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