Free WiFi everywhere: help make it happen

Aug 9, 2006


Members and friends of Freelancers Union have an opportunity to participate in a project to make WiFi available virtually everywhere in New York City. Andrew Rasiej, who ran last year for Public Advocate on a platform to bring WiFi to the city, is giving away 25,000 WiFi routers through a new service called Fon, which allows people to securely share their WiFi connections citywide. Once you install a Fon WiFi router to your broadband ISP connection in your home or business, you can use a password to connect to any other Fon WiFi router signal you find throughout New York and the world. Andrew is starting with a giveaway project in the East Village. After you register for a free router-starting Monday, July 31 at, Andrew and Fon will provide you with details and technical support to allow you to find WiFi whenever you need it.