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Why we're here

Workers helping other workers: that’s what Freelancers Union is all about. Whether it’s forming a group to get a lower rate on insurance or helping each other find work, everyone does better together.

We believe that independent workers can do a lot for one another. Someone out there has the answers to someone else’s questions: freelancers themselves know the most about freelancing, and people covered by a specific health plan give the best advice about getting the most out of that plan. That’s why Freelancers Union is launching an online community later this month, complete with gig postings, a wiki (a tool for collaborative authoring) and message boards. It’s the beginning of shift toward a majority of member-generated content (as opposed to content generated by the organization’s management).

Here at our blog, every weekday we’ll be writing about news from inside Freelancers Union and about news stories important to freelancers. We’ll also profile members, link to resources we think are helpful, and publish a series on labor history by our Executive Director, Sara Horowitz. We hope you’ll come here regularly to read, comment, and discuss. We want to know what you think.

Freelancers Union Creating a better future for all independent workers across the United States.

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