Feb 28, 2023

Freelance Isn’t Free Passes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles freelancers just got new protections from their City Council! Last Friday, the city of LA adopted new legislation which secures legal rights and protections for freelancers.…

Jan 12, 2023

FTC Proposes New Rule to Ban Non-compete Agreements

On Thursday, January 5th, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rolled out a proposal to prohibit employers from implementing non-compete clauses that limit workers’ freedom to explore opportunities. In the freelance…

Jan 3, 2023

Governor Kathy Hochul Vetoes the New York State Freelance Isn’t Free Law, Which Would Have Expanded Landmark Protections to Freelancers Across the State

Freelancers in New York State received a major blow with the news of Governor Kathy Hochul vetoing the Freelance Isn’t Free legislation

Dec 14, 2022

Pay Up Ye: FIFA Cited in Non-payment Suit Against Yeezy in NYC

As covered in Business Insider, we saw FIF in action just last week when New York-based creative director, Katelyn Mooney filed a complaint against Kanye West’s Yeezy brand, claiming she is owed $95,000, citing the NYC Freelance Isn’t Free Act.…

Nov 7, 2022

Pay Transparency Not Only for Traditional Pay

Starting November 1, many New York City employers are required to include minimum and maximum salary ranges on every job posting and advertising.…