Clients & Gigs

How to make 2018 a great year in your freelance career

Here are some strategies that may help you in 2018 in quarter one--and beyond.

Clients & Gigs

What to do when you hit freelancer burnout

Burnout is an all-too-familiar situation for freelancers. Here's what to do when you hit it.

Clients & Gigs

When to say no and move forward as a freelancer

Cutting the cord with a client can free up your space and clear your stress level to focus in on another client you love.

Clients & Gigs

Do you tell your clients you're on vacation?

Freelancers tend to be in "go" mode at all times. When you need a break, do you break it to your clients?

Money & Taxes

7 freelance mistakes that will cost you

Making money from freelancing can mean something different to each person. Maybe your goal is to work as a freelancer on the side for extra cash while you still work…