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Margo is a Growth Marketing Strategist and a blogger at Margo Leads. She creates content that converts website visitors into paying customers for SaaS companies and tech agencies with sales funnels.
Sep 15, 2022

9 Tricks to Automate Tedious Freelancer Tasks

Every freelancer deals with a lot of repetitive tasks, these tasks can quickly take unnecessary time and your focus away from billable work. Here are some tips to free up more time and become more productive.…

Aug 24, 2022

Can TikTok Help You Grow Your Freelance Business?

TikTok presents many benefits to freelancers who want to reach their potential clients. The benefits add up and help create a stronger brand that directly translates into more leads and clients.…

Mar 24, 2022

The Freelancer’s Guide to Creating Multiple Income Streams

Diversifying your income will help you stop worrying about your finances and give you a chance to enjoy the benefits of freelancing to the fullest.…

Jan 13, 2022

Does every freelancer need a website?

Your website can become a great tool to attract new clients and build your brand. Instead of relying on freelance marketplaces and competing with a pool of other freelancers, create your website to stand out from the competition and even set higher rates.…

Nov 11, 2021

7 tips for getting paid upfront

Convincing clients to pay you before you've delivered the final product can make a huge difference to your freelance security.