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Margo is a Growth Marketing Strategist and a blogger at Margo Leads. She creates content that converts website visitors into paying customers for SaaS companies and tech agencies with sales funnels.
Nov 24, 2022

How To Get Paid On-Time

So what should you do to get paid on time and deal with overdue invoices effectively? In this article, you will read about tried-and-tested methods to get faster.…

Nov 9, 2022

Budgeting Hacks Freelancers Should Live By

Freelancers wear many hats — budgeting and tracking expenses is one of their countless roles. Learn budgeting tips to help you save more money and become more financially independent.…

Oct 25, 2022

The Freelance Marketing Roadmap: 10 Steps To Changing Your Career

Freelancing always comes with a risk of failure. Fortunately, with the right plan, you can mitigate this risk and significantly increase your chances of becoming a professional full-time freelancer.…

Sep 28, 2022

​​How to Start Your Own WordPress Design Agency?

Growing a WordPress design business from zero is a challenging task. To deal better with new challenges and responsibilities, follow these seven steps.…

Sep 15, 2022

9 Tricks to Automate Tedious Freelancer Tasks

Every freelancer deals with a lot of repetitive tasks, these tasks can quickly take unnecessary time and your focus away from billable work. Here are some tips to free up more time and become more productive.…