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Sep 20, 2022

How to Set Business Goals and Objectives

This piece provides an in-depth explanation of short-term and long-term business goals and illustrates the importance of setting both types of goals. Find out how to effectively set business goals that will save your business time and money.…

Sep 7, 2022

How to Conduct a Successful Client Onboarding Process

It's important to figure out the "cost of doing business" when starting a business, so you get off on the right foot in your new endeavor.…

Aug 3, 2022

The Time Off/Time On Conundrum

This article is posted with permission from our partner Lili and originally appeared on the Lili blog at: Get the digital bank account designed for…

Jul 7, 2022

4 Financial Resources for the LGBTQ+ Community

When it comes to finances, members of the LGBTQ+ community face many unique challenges, often as a result of discrimination or bias.…

Jun 29, 2022

How to Create Attention-Grabbing Social Media Video Content

So you’ve decided to try your hand at creating video content to grow your small business. Now what? It’s not enough just to jump in and start making videos; you want to ensure your videos actually accomplish something. Namely, grabbing the attention of your target audience.…