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Help your clients R.E.S.E.T their branding this Spring

As we joyfully March into Spring, businesses are re-emerging once again and re-evaluating their brand positioning. This season is a natural time for reflection and renewal, making it the perfect opportunity for a branding spring clean.

Many of our clients have recently expressed a desire for a fresh perspective on their overall brand positioning

This can feel like a daunting task, but by using this R.E.S.E.T. framework, developed by navigatebydesign, you will have a structured approach to reviewing your client's brand, ensuring they're well-positioned for spring 2024 and beyond:


Spring is a great time for your clients to reflect on their brand and business. When was the last time they looked at their brands trajectory? Even without major changes, it's wise to review a brand every 2-3 years to ensure it's still resonating with their target audience. Often a brand can be conceived at the early stages of a business and it's just not reflective of where they are now. Ask your client what do you they want to achieve each quarter and before the year end. Whether it's increased sales, build brand awareness, or developing new niche areas, your recommendations should clearly help them to define their top three objectives, and actionable tasks.


Evaluate all of your clients current marketing and sales strategies, across both digital and print. What's working well, and what needs improvement? Do they have relevant sales data you can evaluate? Consider their social media engagement, and what is (and isn't) generating customer engagement for their business. What can be learnt from their competition and other ‘gold standard’ market leaders? Re-evaluate their brands values - are they still reflective of their business today? 

Ask yourself are any of their brand's visuals starting to look a little dated or tired? This is where you can suggest refreshing their logo, colors, typography, and add to their existing brand assets. Sometimes an incremental change is all that’s needed to really help to give their brand a more contemporary and professional edge. 


Once you have helped your client to implement any brand change, it is crucial to explain they you will need to strengthen its presence by building a consistent and cohesive brand experience. What does this mean exactly? This means you work with them to align all their consumer interactions or touchpoints (such as websites, brochures, social etc.) ensuring they reflect their brand’s new identity. The analogy below, is a useful way to explain how important a unified experience is across their branding:

“Imagine a brand as a complex Lego set. Each brick (touchpoint) plays a specific role, and if even one brick is missing or doesn’t fit properly, the entire set loses its integrity. A unified experience ensures all the “bricks” are compatible and seamlessly connect, creating a complete and rewarding picture for the customer


In today's crowded marketplace, simply having a presence isn't enough. To truly thrive, brands need to actively engage with their target audience across channels and platforms. This fosters trust and loyalty, building a community around your brand and its values.

One of the key roles of a Graphic Designer is to help clients tell their brand story in a compelling and meaningful way. This involves:

  • Understanding the audience: What are their interests, needs, and aspirations? How can your brand connect with them on a deeper level?
  • Crafting a compelling narrative: Their brand story is more than just their logo and tagline. It's the essence of who they are, what you stand for, and how they impact your customers and make their lives easier.
  • Developing engaging content and campaigns: Through captivating visuals, inspiring stories, and interactive experiences, you can capture their attention, spark conversations, and build lasting connections.

By effectively communicating your client's brand's values and purpose, you can help to create a foundation for a strong and lasting relationship with their customers. This not only benefits your client, but also fosters a deeper connection between brands and the communities they serve. 


Schedule a time with your client for your next ‘brand check-in’– this will help to give you both a dedicated time for identifying opportunities for growth, and optimising any brand strategies accordingly. It’s not only important to review their brand’s performance, it also helps to show that you are invested in your clients brand for the long-term. 

Don’t be afraid to suggest something new – often clients want to hear about different creative routes and suggestions for assignments. Whether it’s a fresh bold marketing approach, collaboration with other brands, or innovative design, embracing change will help to keep their branding fresh. 


The R.E.S.E.T. framework offers a structured approach to reflect, evaluate, strengthen, engage, and thrive this season and beyond.

By following these steps, you can help your clients rejuvenate their brand identity, connect meaningfully with their audience, and ultimately achieve lasting success. Embrace change, continuously monitor progress, and schedule regular "brand check-ins" to ensure your client's brand remains relevant for years to come.

Laura Macaulay Laura Macaulay is the founder of Navigatebydesign ( an independent and multi Award winning international Graphic Design business operating for over 14 years.

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