Why You Should Claim a Tech Niche as a Freelance Writer

Today's freelance writing market is cluttered, making it more difficult for professionals like you to find consistent and lucrative writing gigs. However, you can increase your employability by writing for a niche that is in demand and pays well.

The tech niche fits the bill. As the world relies more on technology in just about every industry, the demand for freelancers who can cover these topics is sure to grow.

Writing for the Tech Niche

How do you move into a specialized niche to increase your income? Start by researching what potential clients are looking for in the tech industry and build from there. Update your portfolio with a few tech pieces or posts.

Choosing a freelance niche like this will increase your odds of getting a gig. It also helps you focus. Limiting your portfolio or marketing materials to a sole niche makes it easier to know what topics to cover.

Another advantage is knowing which projects to turn down. By focusing on a particular area of tech, you can say no to less lucrative pieces or topics that won't build your career.

Choosing Your Tech Specialty

Technology is invading every industry, from finance to agriculture. Smart devices impact every field with tools like automation, genetic improvement, faster services, and so much more. Savvy freelancers will hyper-focus their niche to target the best industries.

How do you find the best freelance niche for your career? Start with your experience. What freelance contracts or articles in the tech industry have brought you success? Which ones failed and why?

You should also gauge your skills with technology outside of writing. This can include:

  • DIY skills working with web design or repairing your own tech devices
  • College coursework in technology or science
  • An avid interest in any tech field, such as drone technology
  • Talk with friends or family who are involved in this field

Next, research the niche with Google. Activating incognito mode in the search engine will clear out personalized results to give you a more accurate look at a topic's popularity. If you determine a need in this specialized tech field, claim your niche.

Claiming Your Niche

Claiming your niche can be as easy as redirecting your portfolio and website to the industry. But you should also market your skills directly to the proper industry. Use a skill-matching service or seek out writing gigs in that particular niche.

What are some hot topics that pay well? Here are some of the latest tech trends:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is changing how companies in every industry do business. By taking over work traditionally done by humans, AI provides more accuracy, speed, and adaptability. It also employs machine learning, which is how computers improve their functions in a particular operation over time.

Modern AI examples improve research efforts because:

  • Signal processing speeds are greatly enhanced with brain-computer interfaces that allow users to send a thought signal to a computer.
  • AI pattern recognition is superior to humans, allowing faster analysis.
  • AI reduces human error. For example, vehicle AI reacts faster than humans, making them safer drivers.

As you can see, specializing in the AI niche affords opportunities across numerous industries.

Supply Chain

Recent global challenges have interrupted supply chains, creating food shortages and harming manufacturing businesses. Modern technology can address these issues by improving supply chain analytics.

Suppliers can automate their systems by integrating data and business intelligence platforms. This will help improve inventory challenges, such as forecasting customer needs, stockpiling supplies, and optimizing the fulfillment process to quickly and accurately ship orders.

These improved supply chain analytics help companies save money, making it a popular topic to write about.

Metaverse, Web3, and Design

The internet is evolving. Web3 and the Metaverse are changing the way people interact with technology. What's the difference between the two?

Web3 is run on a decentralized network, meaning no one company runs or influences it. This provides the backbone of cryptocurrency.

The Metaverse is a shared digital reality where you can interact with others. It’s built on virtual reality (VR), in which users don goggles to immerse themselves in a digital landscape, and augmented reality (AR), which blends VR without removing real-life experiences (or vision).

These technologies work closely together. Web3 allows you to enter the Metaverse. Critical to this system will be the development of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design that helps users navigate the system safely with an enjoyable experience.

This young field is the future of digital interaction and will provide many opportunities for reporting.


Each of these innovations puts both stakeholders and consumers at risk from hackers, malware, cyberattacks, and other security concerns. As long as hackers come up with new ways to break in, “white hat” developers will create new tools to block or eliminate them. Since cybersecurity is a broader tech niche that touches every industry, this is an excellent niche to choose.

These are just a few examples of the many niche topics within tech. As more industries expand their reliance on technology, more opportunities will come your way. Marketing your skills for a hyper-focused tech niche in a growing field will lead to a lucrative freelance writing career.

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