Digital Nomadism: A Way to Work From Anywhere

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Work from home is great, but work from “anywhere” is the adventurous way that millions of freelancers are increasingly approaching their experience with remote work.

Digital Nomadism, the lifestyle of slow traveling while working remotely entered the mainstream with rocketship level growth since the pandemic’s normalization of remote work.  As of today, there's now over 35 million digital nomads  worldwide, with more than half of all digital nomads hailing from the US; and over 40+ newly created digital nomad visas around the world since the pandemic.

While years ago digital nomadism was mostly experienced by younger “backpacking” remote workers in hostels; digital nomadism today is experienced across a spectrum of ages and incomes, with the largest percentage of new digital nomads today in their 30’s-40’s, staying in long term private accommodations in apart-hotels or home stays, and typically earning $70k +a year while pursuing remote work in careers like tech, finance, marketing, design, law, education, and more.

An emerging issue from the nearly overnight growth of digital nomadism since the pandemic, is how to make digital nomadism more sustainable– both for people who want to experience the lifestyle, and destinations that want to welcome them. While some tourism providers outside of the US are coming up with ways to address this when nomads reach their destination, there’s a new dialogue happening about how to better prepare emerging digital nomads from the US for working remotely abroad before they leave US shores.

This Friday, October 14th at 11am EDT, Freelancers Union & Freelancers Hub, in partnership with Adventurely, are hosting a virtual panel talk on Digital Nomading as a Freelancer that you can stream live from the Freelancers Union Youtube channel: Presented by Adventurely, and launched in partnership with Freelancers Union and Freelancers Hub, NYC Nomad Village ( a 2-day experiential pop up event in the official lineup for NYC Tech Week offering panels, workshops, networking & a dj’d networking mixer for future of work, future of travel, & digital nomadism enthusiasts.

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The Virtual panel talk being hosted on the Freelancers Union Youtube Channel on Friday October 14th at 11am is a part of the NYC Nomad Village Pop Up Event and will be featuring a talk moderated by Lloyd Lesperance, Chief of Staff at Freelancers Union with two digital nomads from New York City that had very different experiences with freelancing & self employment on the road: Mita Carriman, the Founder of Adventurely;  and Tarek Kholoussy, the Founder of Nomads Giving Back and Nomads Skillshare.

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