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10 Types of Freelance Writing Single Moms Can use to Hack Financial Strains

According to the 2021 U.S. Census Bureau, out of about 11 million single-parent families with children under 18 years of age, nearly 80 percent were headed by single mothers. The existential challenges they frequently encounter forbid them from comfortably providing for their loved ones.

A crowd of single moms are either unemployed or employed with low wage income, not enough to sustain their families. One way they can effortlessly earn a living is through freelancing. The benefits of freelancing are that a mom is self-employed; she can freelance in the comfort of her abode and has ample time to raise her youngsters. As a single mom, freelancing has been a helping hand to me because I can cozily provide for my son's necessities. Are you a jobless single mom and wish to be a freelancer? The following are;

10 Types of Freelance Writing a Single Mom Can Utilize to be financially stable

1. Content Writing

Content writing is the designing, writing, modifying, and publishing of content on a website for online commercialization. Within a few days, a single mom can be a content writer and make ends meet by providing this kind of freelance writing to her clients. Most businesses have adapted to online marketing strategies since 85 percent of the world's population has internet access. Content writing comprises;

  • Newsletters
  • Social Media content
  • E-mails
  • E-books
  • Web blogs

2. Ghost Writing

It's a course where a freelancer writes for a business or an individual. A ghostwriter does not receive any credit for the job done. It's unchallenging spadework for single moms who wish to be ghostwriters since their task is to write and get paid for the services. Examples of ghostwriting are;

  • Speeches
  • E-book writing
  • Songwriting
  • Case studies

3. Technical Writing

In this type of freelancing, a freelancer defines and clarifies a compound subject to make it easier for the reader to understand. For a single mom to be a technical writer, she requires a lot of expertise and knowledge in a particular field of work. Adobe Frame Maker and Markdown Editor are a few tools that can aid technical writers. Technical writing includes;

  • Strategic business plan- It's written to describe business strategy.
  • Medical analysis- A test used to detect a type of disease.
  • Guide books-A book meant to give illustrations about a particular place or item.
  • Preliminary Investigations - A report written by law enforcement on criminal activity.

4. Grant Writing

Grant writing involves drafting a requisition of a monetary proposal from the government, large corporate, or nonprofitable organizations. A single mom who wishes to be a grant writer must have adequate skill in writing Grant proposals that helps in acquiring funds for the community to improve local tertiary institutions and build affordable hospitals. Grant writing consists of;

  • Principal/capital grants- Proposals written to the government to give capital funds.
  • Strategy/project grants- They are written to the government to aid with finances for institutions and scholarships.
  • Functional/general operations grants- Grants written on behalf of nonprofit organizations to cater to urgent needs
  • Government/federal grants- These are written to the government to request money for economic aid.

5. Transcription Writing

A type of writing that entails a translation of audio frequencies or a speech into written catalogs. Single moms desiring to be transcription writers should have enough listening skills. They can use tools like Express Scribe and Winzip to perfect their work. Transcription writing are;

  • Intelligent transcription- It clarifies intrusive contents like duplicated words on a document.
  • Edited transcription- This is the last clean-up of a speech or audio into an accurate, clear, and readable document.
  • Verbatim transcription- It's the conversion of words from the audio or a speech into a text for a later edition.

6. Article Writing

It's writing written to communicate with a massive clientele.

Writing articles is a walk in the park for single moms who yearn to be article writers since it’s about writing stories that can be personal or related to someone. Google docs is a free writing tool and a lifesaver for article writers. Article writing consists of four types which are;

  • Narrative writing- It is identical to story writing that embraces Autobiographies, essays, and novels.
  • Persuasive writing- This is a form of writing that compels and persuades a reader into believing that the author's opinion is factual.
  • Expository writing- It's writing that analyses/defines and informs its audience on a specific subject.
  • Descriptive writing- A type of writing that depicts and specifies an individual, a particular place, or an object in a way that a reader can easily understand.

7. Copywriting

Copywriting is a writing format where a writer writes a text with the ambition of marketing and advertising goals. Solo moms can easily succeed as copywriters considering that women are known to be superior in marketing-related fields. Examples of copywriting are;

  • SEO Copywriting- The process of creating appealing keyword SEO strategies for web users.
  • Web copywriting- This is a process of writing internet/online content for marketing purposes.
  • Technical copywriting- This is the art of writing promotional/advertising materials for technology companies.
  • Marketing copywriting- This is content written to sell a product or service to convince a client to take a particular action.

8. Freelance Editing

Editing is the art of working on a client's project or article by revising and correcting it for the final publication. A lone mom who aspires to be a freelance editor must have faultless editing skills. Grammarly, Hemming way up, and Pro writing aid are some editing tools that might help freelance editors. Examples of freelance editing are;

  • Proofreading- This is the last process of inspecting an article before it’s published.
  • Mechanical editing- It's aligning the document in a particular style and ensuring its grammar is accurate.
  • Copy editing- It's the procedure of ensuring that an article is written correctly by checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Line editing- The art of rectifying a paragraph line by line to form a clear sentence.

9. Business Writing

Successful businesses favor formal writing used in a business setting. Single mothers with experience in entrepreneurship have a higher chance of triumphing as business writers. There are four types of business writing, these include;

  • Persuasive writing- A form of writing that compels and persuades a reader into believing that the author's opinion is factual.
  • Transactional writing- It's non-fiction writing that focuses on communicating with others for a specific purpose.
  • Instructional writing- Illustrates to a reader how to perform a specific action.
  • Informational writing- It's written to inform or describe a particular subject.

10. Resume Writing

A resume is a document outlined for job applicants to state their work experiences. A single mom who longs to start earning as a resume writer can use resume builder tools like Zety and VisualsCV to flourish in her freelancing business. There are three types of resumes;

  • Chronological resume- It's a resume format that lists your work expertise starting from your present work followed by your previous job experiences.
  • Functional resume- This is a type of resume where the focal point is a person’s professional competence rather than work experience.
  • Combinations resume- A resume that combines a person's professional skills and work experience.

Valary Edith Hi, my name is Valary Edith, I am an upcoming freelancer who is passionate about challenges faced by single moms who are freelancers.