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7 Ways to Differentiate Your Service Offering As a Freelancer

Freelancing has seen dramatic changes over the past few decades, and we have witnessed the evolution and growth of a field that now contributes a significant source of work and income for many. According to an Upwork study, freelancers will make up most of the US workforce within a few years, with almost 86.5 million people expecting to shift towards freelancing by 2027.

With the pandemic accelerating this trend, freelancing isn’t showing signs of slowing down. This is mainly because freelancing gives you control of your work, the ability to broaden your skill set, do work that you enjoy, and acquire multiple sources of income while working at home.

That said, receiving the positive benefits of freelancing is only possible if you can differentiate your service offerings. The sea of competition is vast, and one can easily get lost. To save yourself from drowning, you should practice a few tactics to stand out from the rest.

7 Ways to Become a Good and Well-Recognized Freelancer

If you have left your 9 to 5 job, and wish to pursue freelancing full-time, know that the journey isn’t easy but worth it in the gig economy. Here are seven ways in which you can differentiate your service so people notice you for your uniqueness.

Start With Offering a Lower Price

If you want to compete with the big giants, the best way to start is by offering your services at a price lower than the others charge. But as soon as you build a solid client base, you can increase the rates to balance the value you may add through your work.

While you offer your work at a low price, ensure that the quality provided is consistent and high. People often associate low quality with low cost, but you can quickly blow their expectations out of the water, draw attention to your work, and gain recognition.

Provide Convenience to Your Client

Why would clients choose “A’s” services when they have many similar options to explore? That’s because "A" provides a source of convenience when meeting deadlines, offers assistance, is available every time, and has a systematic workflow approach. "A" provides comfort to its clients, and that’s why they prefer it.

Be like “A” to stand out. Many freelancers offer excellent service but fail to package them simply and easily. If you want to be known, let your clients conveniently enjoy your skillset, so they don’t hesitate to pursue you whenever they require a specific service.

Another area where most freelancers fail is communication. Lack of common communication skills often comes at a huge cost to talented freelancers.

Discover and Solve the Problems of Your Client

If a client comes to you with a problem, know that they might have got plenty of other issues. In that case, differentiate your services by exploring different ways to help them.

For instance, if someone approaches you to get a logo made, look around and see if their social media platforms also require an upgrade or if their images require a professional touch. If they do, highlight these problems to the client, offer helpful advice, and land on a potential sale.

Be a Problem-Solver

Unfortunately, most freelancers you may find focus on selling their services rather than solving the client’s issues. As a result, they start with a mindset that portrays the things they are good at but fails to offer the value they may add.

For instance, if you create YouTube videos, you can pitch yourself by explaining your services and how they can help clients reach their goals. Here’s an example:

“I create amazing YouTube videos at an affordable rate that can help you excel in YouTube Marketing. My lead-generating videos can enhance your followers and help you increase many likes within a few weeks.”

Follow Up and Offer Excellent Customer Services

Clients like freelancers who offer excellent customer services. Unfortunately, many freelancers tend to forget their clients as soon as they get paid. Don’t make this mistake if you want the client to remember you for future projects.

Acknowledge the payment received and also ask the freelancer for any additional help they may require. You can also go the extra mile by giving them advice or special instructions to benefit from your services in the best way possible.

Establish a Partnership

As a freelancer, your ultimate aim should be growth. And to achieve that, you may As a freelancer, your ultimate aim should be growth. And to achieve that, you may have to partner with other freelancers to form an attractive package.

If you want to increase your work’s value, plan to solve as many problems as you like. If you don’t have all the skills, there is no harm in joining hands with other experts and forming a union to grab as many clients as possible.

This strategy is pretty unique and something that most freelancers fail to follow. Once you have found a partner, draft contracts covering deadlines, compensations, and workload division. Form an explicit agreement to avoid all types of misunderstandings.

Team building can help your brand stand out in the market. Moreover, clients often prefer trusted service providers that can handle all their tasks, saving them significant money and time.

Walk the Talk

If you are a web designer, before advising the client on a better-looking website, work on your platform first. There are so many freelance content writers that don’t write their own articles. Also, many marketers don't have active profiles on various social media platforms.

We won’t advise you to be present everywhere and be an active soul 24/7. However, to stand out, make sure you publicly follow the advice and skills that you offer to your customers.

In a nutshell, showcase your experience and approach rather than just talking about it over an email.

Learn Search Marketing

Google is in the business of delivering the best answer to customer queries. Remember that your goal is not only to produce that answer but also to comply with on-page SEO optimization techniques.

Learning online by leveraging free guides and resources is an excellent place to start if you don't know anything about SEO. Building on SEO basics will give you an edge in helping you differentiate yourself from your competition. It can also be helpful to use an SEO Checklist to ensure you are not missing any steps to your success.

Final Takeaway

The global freelance market’s size is predicted to reach a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth rate) of 15.3% by 2026. This is an excellent sign to enter the freelance industry, differentiate yourself as a freelancer, and earn a client base like no one else.

Simply work on your skills, be a problem-solver and offer your services at a low rate to gain attention. Then, once you have successfully established yourself in this competitive market, you won’t have to put any additional effort into beating the competition.

However, ensure that you are consistent with your approach, maintain your value, and always be available for your clients. This way, you can develop a unique selling proposition to help you stay on top of your game.

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