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9 Small Business Ideas for Veterans With Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Now that you know the different business models, let us look at some actual small business ideas that can make your civilian life more meaningful.

Logistics Support

Almost every business or organization requires help with their logistics. Even big events need logistical support. And, logistical failure can lead to complete disaster for the organizer.

You can use your experience to help clients move and store their goods, services, and information. Your resourcefulness and problem-solving ability will come in handy.

You won’t need any considerable investment to start your logistics firm. Having a zeal to solve problems and finding the right business partner is enough. And, that won’t be difficult with your strong networking skills.

Security Specialists

The demand for security personnel is booming. Whether we’re talking about politicians, celebrities, or societies and organizations, everyone might require security services. And, who can be a better fit than military veterans?

Your military training has developed courage, strength, and the ability to work well during a crisis. Starting your security agency will give you an excellent opportunity to utilize your skills.

Not everyone knows how to disarm attackers or manage surveillance equipment. Thus, your services will be in great demand.

Form a team and start your own security agency. You may already know trained professionals in your network. People will value you for your military experience, and you will never run out of clients.


Starting a gym is one of the best business ideas for veterans. You have received extensive physical training during your military days. Now is the time to share your experience and help people lead healthy lives.

You can set up a gym catering to a specific set of customers. A gym that helps middle aged people to stay in shape is a great idea.

Women veterans can start a women’s gym. The more niched out your small business is, the greater are your chances of gaining loyal customers.

Technology Consultant

The military deals with various forms of technology like GPS tracking, drones, etc. If you had hands-on experience during your service days, you can share your knowledge with others and build a business out of it.

Many organizations require technology experts. If you can train their staff on using various tools and devices, you will become an invaluable asset for them.

Find a company that requires technological guidance and pitch your consulting services to them. That way, you will get your first client and get started with your new business.

Healthcare Advocate

As a veteran, you know how important good health is for military personnel. People in the services often get disqualified after an injury. Moreover, they are under constant pressure to stay fit. You can start your business to help these service members to get back in form.

Getting started is easy because you don’t need additional skills and resources. You can use your military experience and create a system to help the distressed personnel. Guess what? It is another zero investment business idea for veterans.

Military Consultant

If you have extensive experience in the military, you will become an invaluable asset to governments. Military consultants advise the government and the army to improve and run the forces efficiently.

You will be closely associated with strategic planning and implementation. It requires deep knowledge about the deployed troops and ammunition. The government may ask you to help with a particular military campaign.

However, it is not one of the best small business ideas. That’s because you might have to travel a lot and get calls for emergencies.


Who doesn’t love good food? They say it is the easiest way to one’s heart. So, starting a restaurant is one of the best small business ideas.

But how will being a veteran help in your restaurant business? Well, you already know what teamwork is. Different soldiers in the troops had their own responsibilities but you worked towards a common goal together. That is what happens in a restaurant kitchen.

Moreover, you might have some experience in the kitchen during your camp life. Remember making those quick meals for your colleagues with the minimum ingredients available? Now is the time to put all those skills and experience to use.

You will require some capital for the restaurant space and equipment. However, you can also start your food delivery service from home. That won’t require much investment and would turn into a profitable business in the long run.

You can also start and expand your restaurant franchise over time.

Extreme Adventure Training

Are you passionate about adventure sports? Many veterans even have experience with extreme adventure sports. Why not turn it into a profitable small business?

From paragliding and skydiving to horse trekking, you have endless opportunities. You can provide training for adventure sports in general or pick one particular sport.

You will need to invest in the resources and equipment. Apart from that, you also require land to carry out your adventure sports training. But once you start gaining a reputation, there is no looking back.

Outdoor Company

As an experienced veteran, you will be a natural fit to start an outdoor company. You must have spent a considerable time in camps and trenches. So, you know how to deal with adverse situations.

You can start a traditional outdoor company to help tourists in their activities like trekking and camping. Or you may also create a more specialised business to help professionals. For instance, Crackshot protects snake gaiters from poisonous snake bites.

All you need is an adventurous spirit and the ability to handle crises. And you already have these skills as a veteran. Thus, you can start a small business out of it without considerable investment.

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