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Announcing the 2021-2022 Freelancers Union artist lineup

Over the summer, we put out a call for artists in the Freelancers Union community to share their work here on our blog space. The response was incredible!

From more than 100 amazing submissions, we have selected our initial lineup of five artists. They each received a grant of $2,000, and their work will be featured atop our daily blog posts for the next year. At the end of their one-year term, they’ll have the opportunity to display their work in person in a group exhibit that we will sponsor in Brooklyn, NY.

Over the next few months, each of these artists will use this space to share more about their freelance journey, their artistic influences, and how they stay inspired and connected to their work. For now, a brief introduction:

Karen Fischer, a writer and collage artist in Gallup, New Mexico, who has been freelancing for just over a year.

Pedro Gomes, a freelancer for six years currently based in Lisbon who explores traditional drawing mediums such as graphite and ink and digital techniques.

Andrea Hernandez, a digital artist based in Miami who has been freelancing for a year.

Sisi Recht, a Brooklyn-based artist who works in pen and ink, acrylic, digital, and clay and has been freelancing for 12 years.

Kathryn Sheldon, a Brooklyn-based freelancer for over 10 years who works in 35mm film, gelatin prints, inkjet, and collage.

Be sure to come back to the blog every day to see the work of these fantastic artists alongside the same valuable information we’ve always shared.

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