We're demystifying the LLC process with ZenBusiness

Aug 25, 2021

As more companies hire freelancers over full-time employees, it’s more important than ever for freelancers to look out for themselves. One way to do this is to officially form your freelancing business.

Having the right business structure for your business is super important. Did you know your personal checking account and even your home could be at risk if there’s ever a legal dispute? Forming a Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is one way to help protect your personal assets.

Business structure is one of the most common areas of confusion among freelancers. Maybe you’ve heard about LLCs, S corps, and C corps, but don’t know what, exactly, they do. Maybe you know forming an LLC is a good idea, but have no idea how to get started. Or maybe you’re just totally lost in the alphabet soup.

That’s why we’ve partnered with ZenBusiness, the experts on all things business formation, to give our members the answers. ZenBusiness is a fully remote company based in Austin, Texas, that helps freelancers and small businesses get started and grow. The fact that they started as a small business drives their mission to support others who are trying to do the same thing. They’re also a PBC (Public Benefit Corporation), which means giving back to small businesses is written into their bylaws.

Our just-released Freelancer's Guide to LLC Formation is your first step toward understanding just what an LLC can do for you. There, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the process, including:

  • How an LLC can help protect your personal assets
  • Why an LLC makes tax filing easier
  • Pros and cons specific to freelancers
  • How ZenBusiness can help you form your LLC online  

ZenBusiness’ all-in-one platform lets you form your business online and offers helpful solutions and resources that help small businesses and freelancers with bookkeeping, tax filing, and other tasks, including the free ZenBusiness Money app. Basically, ZenBusiness lets you focus on your work without having to worry about keeping up with state filings and renewals for your LLC. They take care of everything.

As part of our partnership, ZenBusiness is offering a discount of 20% or more to Freelancers Union members who are ready to level up and form their LLC. The discount depends on the services you choose; for example, their popular Pro plan, which takes care of filing all your paperwork and keeping you in compliance with state regulations and includes an EIN, is only $149 for our members. That’s 25% off the normal price! (Be sure to check full terms and conditions on the ZenBusiness website, as pricing could change.) To get your discount, click here or follow the link in the guide (not through their homepage, or by getting to ZenBusiness filing plans another way).

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