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4 tech tools you need in 2021

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As you get ready to make this your most productive year ever, we're sharing our best tips and tools to help you on your way. Today, we're sharing the top 4 tools for freelancers to use in 2021. These are the easiest tools to use, even for non-tech-savvy individuals.


Are you still writing down your notes in a notepad? Notion offers you a way to integrate all your tasks, documents, activities, habits, ideas, and creativity in one place.

You can create your very own layouts and toolkit to get work done; it is particularly helpful if you are in a meeting and you want to access specific pieces of information. It provides a space for you to visualize all your thoughts and plans in one centrally organized location. It is a great place for collaboration should you wish to communicate this information with a group of people too.

Notion works like an advanced version of Word, Google Drive, and your calendar all in one easy to use platform.

A lot of freelancers find it a useful place to organize resources as they go along. It is a great place for creative thinkers who want to map out their ideas and tasks.


Grammarly helps not only with spell checking but also with making any content more understandable and professional. It can also be integrated into your web browser by downloading the extension.

A single spelling mistake on your social media can cut online sales by 50%.

Grammarly offers a host of features that are incredibly helpful in editing any writing piece, whether a social media post, a blog, or an email campaign. It scans the whole document for any mistake, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Grammarly can also help you with your writing tone, ensuring you present the right image to your clients.


Buffer is a free tool that allows you to manage all your social media accounts in one central place.

Have you ever been in a position where you have been too busy to post content? Buffer enables you to schedule your social media plan far in advance, so if you get distracted or are not near your computer, you can be certain that your social media presence will continue. And this is an area that freelancers often need to work on improving.

Irregular posting is more damaging to your social media presence than not posting at all. So, in a social media world, Buffer is the most essential tool.


We may be biased, but MeetFox offers a seamless service, enabling you to schedule, remind, and host video meetings with clients all in one place while at the same time automating your billing process.

Billing and all the associated admin takes up to 25% of your working week. Can you afford to waste that much time?

The platform allows clients to select free time slots on a calendar, maximizing your time and money. And now more than ever, video meetings are a great way to meet clients; it is approachable, easy, and flexible. With MeetFox, you can conveniently integrate meetings with your website, social media, and emails, making the user experience hassle-free. MeetFox provides you with whatever support you need.

2021 is going to be an exciting year for freelancers and the gig economy. As you plan to grow and develop in the year ahead, make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T., and that you hold yourself accountable. Once you have set yourself up for success by setting these targets, make sure you tell your story on social media. Use our recommended apps and tools to help you cut your workload and reach out to a new pool of clients. The new year offers you so many opportunities, and you are now one step ahead of everyone else.

By James Eyermann, MeetFox

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