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The future is in our hands

Nobody is going to be sorry to say goodbye to 2020. This year has been one of stress and fear, of uncertainty and wave after wave of unthinkable tragedy. But in the midst of some of the darkest depths in modern history, people have stood up - and stood together - to demand positive change and respect in ways that have shook the status quo.

It’s a powerful reminder of the strength of solidarity, the communal uplifting that happens when we acknowledge that our actions have power beyond ourselves. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a surge of mutual aid networks across the country has shown that neighbors are stepping up for one another. They’re standing in solidarity, in recognition of our common human bond, and making the statement that need and abundance aren’t opposing points on the moral spectrum, but simple facts of life.

In this moment of crisis, we have the opportunity to build together, to reimagine how things can be as we move forward. There are still dark days ahead of us, but now is the time to plan together for a more just future.

For 25 years, Freelancers Union has been providing a space for the independent workers of this country to dream big together. In the time since then, freelancers have become a powerful force in the economy - the future of work, as we now hear over and over again. And though it’s in the best interests of the powerful few to keep independent workers alone and disconnected, it is our mission to ensure that all freelancers, in all industries, feel empowered to do their best work on their terms.

If you’re feeling motivated to make a difference for the freelance community this year, whether you’re moved to fight wage theft, harassment, racism, or intimidation, we encourage you to find your place in the Union. If you’re in the position to give this Giving Tuesday, consider making a donation to Freelancers Union to help us continue to be able to provide a space for freelancers to find community with each other. Get involved in your local SPARK group and make connections with freelancers in your area. And reach out to and let us know what issues you care about most.

Working Today Inc. Working Today is a 501c3 nonprofit that supports independent workers in the US through advocacy, education & services. We raise awareness of the unique challenges independent workers face.

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