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Try these 7 things to feed your creative needs

When we're all stuck inside indefinitely, it can be tempting to think of this time as a chance to finally finish that novel, add wallpaper to the living room, or make some extra money from your side hustle.

The reality is, we don't actually have to be "productive" right now, and if anything, the best thing we can do is let ourselves figure out what we like to do when we're a little bored. Maybe it's playing Animal Crossing all day, or organizing Zoom happy hours, or taking a long (socially-distant) walk.

Or maybe it's doing something creative that, again, isn't about figuring out how to monetize what you make. If you need some inspiration, here are a few things to try:

1. Cooking or baking something ambitious

Preparing a fancy dinner or baking a decadent dessert might be the easiest to get into, in a way–you have to eat every day, so you might as well make everything yourself. But also, there's no ego boost quite like baking your own bread. Just trust us on this one–once you make your own focaccia, there's no going back.

So find an Alison Roman recipe, browse some Bon Appetit tutorials, and get cookin'.

2. Paint or draw on whatever surfaces you have

Look, just because you don't have a canvas or thick sketchpad to work with doesn't mean you can't make ART. Paint your shoes. Doodle in a notebook. If you have the desire, create a masterpiece on your Roomba. The options are endless.

3. Get extra creative with your writing

Have a case of writer's block? Find some online prompts, do some Zoom free-writing sessions with writers groups, and mostly, just have fun with it. Nothing's worse than stressing over crafting the perfect sentence when you're also dealing with a global pandemic, so cut yourself some slack.

4. Learn to sew, knit or cross stitch

It's a calming thing to do with your hands while you watch TV (that isn't scrolling through Twitter news updates). And if you're already a sewing pro, you can always make some masks.

5. Jam out for hours

Don't have any percussion? Use what's in your kitchen (as evidenced in this video, empty glass bottles work nicely.)

6. Dance the stress out

Take advantage of online classes (some of which you can do virtually with your friends) or learn a TikTok dance.

7. Do a puzzle or a coloring book

If you want to do something with whoever you live with, puzzles or coloring books are especially low-pressure, soothing activities. Put on some music or TV background noise, chat (or don't if you're not up for it). Like with everything else, it's all up to you and what you feel like doing right now.

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