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The top five highest-earning remote jobs

This article is reproduced with the permission of our partner, Trupo.

You can argue for a long time about the benefits and harms of technology, but one fact remains true: when used wisely, it's made people more flexible, efficient and happy. Similarly, if your dream is to stop getting out of bed earlier than the sun, rushing to the office across the city, or wasting hours in traffic jams, then remote work could be the right next step for you.

If you're not sure which job would be best for you, the following are the most top-ranked, in-demand and comfortable professions for full-time remote workers and freelancers. Most importantly, everyone can learn the necessary skills for each one. The market so wants to see these specialists that it's possible to get a job even without solid experience (so long as you have enough knowledge). Here are the top five:

1. Writing/Editing/Content Strategy Jobs

There are several positions under this umbrella, since they all revolve around text and content.


If written communication is your strong point, welcome to the world of copywriting. This is a very sought-after specialty, since online communication between the brand and consumers is one of the basic links in a marketing strategy. By the way, if you have basic knowledge of marketing and sales psychology, plus the ability to write clearly and beautifully, this is the best that the world of remote work can offer you.

Content Manager

Very often, companies are looking for a copywriter and content manager in one person, so if you want to start as a copywriter, the content manager can be the second step in career development. As a rule, the duties of this specialist include participating in the development of a content strategy, overseeing other copywriters, publishing posts and articles, and interacting with the marketing department. This work is suitable for those who can not only create text but also manage tasks remotely.


If you know at least one foreign language in addition to your native one, you can begin to develop yourself as a translator even without a specialized education. The need for multilingual content is high now. Many businesses are entering the international sphere, and they need to localize and translate content on their websites and social networks. Developers are creating dozens of excellent applications for translators, including dictionaries, tips, smart machine translation algorithms (the result of which, of course, must be checked by a human) and many other functions. And the price for quality work is pretty decent.


If you immediately see how you can improve text, have an attentive eye, or just love to fix errors, this is a great option for you. An editor does not always make much compared to other professions in this category, but this is the calmest work and practically excludes interaction with people. It's a win-win option for introverts.

2. Web/UI Designer

Design, like text, is also part of the marketing message. UI design aims to create the most convenient user interface in terms of technical implementation, trends, perceptions, and psychology. Plus, companies constantly need new advertising and illustrative materials, custom templates, and illustrations for blog posts and social networks. If you can create graphics using modern technologies and do it creatively, you will pretty much always find work.

3. Social Media Marketing Manager

A huge number of companies consider social networks their main tool for advertising, recruiting, attracting new audiences, and communicating with regular customers. The task of a social media marketing manager is to develop a profile in social networks, create content, organize promotional events in the framework of a certain social media, and analyze the results. If you like to spend time on Twitter as is, try finding a way to turn that into a viable career for yourself.

4. Data Scientist

This is perhaps the highest paid profession on this list, which isn't surprising, considering that modern business strategies are based on large amounts of data about us. A data scientist is a professional who works on the edge between a technical specialist and an analyst. Therefore, if you have at least minimal technical knowledge plus some strong analytical skills, this profession will suit you. And many IT companies are looking for these specialists on a remote basis because they see no reason to inflate staff.

5. Mobile/App/Blockchain/Web Developer

The market is still in need of programmers who can work with different technologies, and remote work is a common practice in this area. But the best news is that even if you don't have a higher technical education, there's no reason to give up on a career as a developer. It's possible to get all the knowledge you need online, both on a paid and a free basis. However, competition in this area is also highthe huge demand for specialists makes this niche very dynamic.

—Donald Fomby

Donald Fomby is a communications professional with more than five years of writing experience. Donald runs the blog BestWritersOnline and is proud of an uncanny ability to explain the most complex subject in simple terms.

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