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What makes your business unique?

90% of startup businesses fail. Having a good unique selling proposition (USP) can ensure you don’t.

Unique selling propositions are the key factors that differentiate you from your competitors. Communicating them effectively can help you land more clients and customers.

Here are five businesses with amazing USPs to learn from:

1. Zoma Sleep: Embolden Your Target Market

Zoma Sleep has one of the best unique selling propositions out there: The perfect sports mattress. Design meets performance for a winning night’s sleep.

Using a sports pun in their unique selling proposition is pure genius. They are instantly clear about who they want to target: athletes or physically active individuals looking to optimize performance.

If you learn anything from Zoma Sleep, it should be that appeasing and clearly specifying your target market can drive conversions.

2. Bay Alarm: Using Social Proof

Social proof is any review, rating, or award that you can use to provide proof of concept. It is everywhere, and is critical for daily decision making.

Bay Alarm uses social proof in the form of an accolade:

The No. 1 rated alert system.

When new users see this USP, they are much more likely to have confidence and trust in the brand. It also helps them build more attention in reviews:

Survey previous clients and generate social proof. Apply for nominations and awards that you can leverage for trust. Then, implement them into your USP for increased sales.

3. LFA Machines: Specialize in Specificity

Specificity is the name of the game when it comes to a USP that converts.

LFA Machines keeps their USP simple, straightforward, and specific:

They focus on capsule fillers, and their USP harnesses that simplicity to drive more sales.

By branding themselves as the expert in their industry, they can build trust with new users who land on their site.

4. Cubefunder: Expand on your USP

Creating a USP that is succinct like LFA Machines has is not always an option. What if your offering is more complex, detailed, and captures multiple target markets?

In these cases, it’s a great idea to expand on your unique value.

Cubefunder takes this approach by expanding on their USP with more concrete details:

Since they are a modern lending solution, they cater to countless target markets and specific needs. A single statement wouldn’t be enough to speak to all of their potential customers.

If this is you, simply expand on your USP and provide information for each segment, service, or craft you offer.

5. Forms on Fire: Use Customer Data to Your Advantage

Data on customer success is a goldmine that can help you convince potential customers who might be on the edge of making their decision.

Forms on Fire is a master of this, using direct customer success metrics to drive their unique selling proposition:

With real data on how impactful their service offering is, it’s a no-brainer for new users to sign up.

Use more social proof and customer success data to help you sell more.

Mastering your unique selling proposition as a freelancer is critical when you have competition. Want to turn your freelancing work into a big business? Harness your USP and own it!

Addison Burke Addison Burke teaches businesses how to grow through better digital marketing, and writes on everything from SEO to WordPress and cybersecurity.