4 communication tips that will land you more clients this year

Jan 15, 2020

Want to land more clients in the new year? It’s time to step your sales game up.

1.  Perfect cold calling

Cold calling is far from dead or outdated, in fact, it’s still a fantastic way to close sales. But cold calling without a plan is destined for failure. Brainstorm cold calling scripts, like this example from Mailshake, that communicates direct value:

“The reason I’m calling is that we just saved Acme Supply Co an additional $450,000 a year in warehousing and shipping costs. I thought that was significant enough to warrant a phone call between us to see if we can replicate that same success for your company.”

Perfect your cold calling and you’ll be closing more sales in no time.

2. Make it easy to schedule client meetings

Have a lead that is on the fence? Your best bet is to get them on the phone. The only problem is: Doing that is easier said than done. Ditch the back and forth and use a calendar scheduling tool to automate your invites and schedule meetings that fit you and the client’s schedule with ease:

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3. Showcase your expertise

People won’t buy from companies they don’t trust. Branding is critical and it always will be. People will continue to buy from companies they respect in their industry.

So, how do you become respected? How do you build trust in your expertise? By showcasing it on your website. For example, take a look at how Each Night has become a household name in mattress reviews:

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Communicate expertise and knowledge in your niche and sales will close themselves.

4. Integrate marketing and sales

Marketing and sales are often looked at as two separate entities. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to closing sales, you need good marketing data to understand potential clients' interests. And if those leads don’t convert, you can relay that back into marketing data to see where those leads came from and how to improve them in the future.

Integrate your marketing and sales data to better understand customers and generate top-quality leads in 2020.

Addison Burke

Addison Burke teaches businesses how to grow through better digital marketing, and writes on everything from SEO to WordPress and cybersecurity.