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5 freelance-friendly accessories to put on your holiday wish list

Remember the days when you worked in an office? More than likely, you had access to things that made work more comfortable — from tools to desk accessories.

But now, you're on your own.  If you're freelancing for the long haul, you'll need more than just the computer software. So take advantage of the season, and make your 2020 easier with these five freelancer must-haves.

1. Posture corrector

Doctors espouse many benefits of maintaining good alignment, but unfortunately, many freelancers spend hours hunched over their laptops, with their heads pushed forward.

The results are backaches, neck pains, spine pains, or worse — and all can impact your healthcare costs. To prevent headaches (yes, those too!) invest in a posture corrector band.

A posture corrector band helps to reduce chronic back pains by aligning your spine correctly. Whether you sit behind your screen all day or are experiencing back pains, it's never too late to correct bad habits.

2. Keyboard cleaner

When you love to work in coffee shops where food is flying around, deadlines and hunger are a bad combo. In the process of dealing with both, the cheeseburgers, tacos, or crackers spill and leave little debris stack between the keyboards.

Attempts to wipe them off only work cosmetically, which is bad for the maintenance of your device — not to mention you. But regular use of a cordless min vacuum cleaner will keep your laptop, and your fingers, squeaky clean.

3. Rolling laptop desk

If you are a digital nomad, a rolling laptop desk is a great investment — for comfort and productivity.

You can move it from your home, office, dorm, co-working spaces to wherever is convenient, and avoid balancing your laptop on your legs (which strains your neck).

4. Powerpoint surge protector

Working from home means your gadgets have to compete for power with other electrical appliances, which can be risky with an overloaded circuit.

To ensure the safety of your equipment, you need a power port strip that will charge everything, like the Anker's 12 Outlets & 3 USB Ports.

5. Winter warm gloves

For us freelancers, winter is a time to stay indoors and make fun of our office-bound friends as they hustle through the cold. But staying inside is not a failsafe, especially in a co-working space.

The Winter Warm Hand Gloves Warmer Wool is a great product to keep your hands warm and your mind focused on the task at hand.

These gloves are fitted with USB cables to connect to your laptop or power bank to warm your hands. Genius!

Derick Okech Derick is a disciple of digital content, knowledge, imagination, freelancing,and Python programming language.