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How to master landing page SEO in 5 minutes or less

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There are nearly 400 million web pages, and that number grows every minute. Mastering landing page SEO is critical to becoming visible to your target market. Without it, your landing pages will fade into obscurity.

Here are three SEO-focused tactics to try on your landing page.

1. Provide better customer service

Only 4 out of 10 companies consider themselves customer-centric. That’s not good for dwell time SEO metrics and overall customer satisfaction.

Things like bounce rate, time on site, and CTR all impact your ranking potential. And bad customer experiences will lead to bad metrics.

A great example of providing a better customer service experience is via Housecall Pro:

To provide a better experience, they use FAQs to answer commonly asked questions.

This also works to add content and text to the landing page, helping them rank on Google. Lastly, they offer live-chat (shown in the bottom right corner) to connect instantly with guests, improving dwell time and conversions.

Some great ways to improve the experience on your pages are:

  • Live chat
  • Diverse content
  • FAQs
  • Knowledge centers
  • Website speed

While you don’t need to use all of the above, you should utilize usability testing to help decide which factors are most important.

2. Dial in your messaging

Messaging is critical for both users and search engines. Targeting the right keywords will help you rank. But making those keyword phrases compelling enough to purchase is just as (if not more) important.

Check out this example landing page from Freshdesk’s Helpdesk page:

In this post, Freshdesk nails both messaging for SEO and users. First, they target a central, main keyword focus: Helpdesk Software. Next, they fill their landing page with relevant and related keywords, as well as contextual information.This is landing page SEO mastery!

One of my favorite examples is from Adventure For Less, a travel blog:

With simple messaging geared right towards their audience, they are clearly trying to attract a very specific segment of the travel space. This helps them both stand out in search engine results and drive higher click-through rates.

Be unique! Unique messaging can help you differentiate from competitors and improve CTR.

Need help with your own messaging? Check out this simple messaging breakdown from Intercom to derive inspiration:

Answer these questions and you’ll serve both users and search engines alike.

In conclusion

Landing page SEO is not as complex as it’s made out to be. These three examples are great inspiration, but it's as simple as this: Focus on providing a better experience from start to finish. Then, dial in your content and messaging to hit it home.

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