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Affordable housing in NYC? It does exist

It’s no secret: Living in New York City is expensive. But there is a secret to finding safe, affordable, and comfortable housing: the City’s Affordable Housing Initiatives offers Housing Lotteries across the city’s 5 boroughs open to a wide range of income-earning New York City residents.

That classification now extends to city residents making into the 3-figures – which means, the mythical rent-stabilized apartment might be a reality for eligible participants in one of New York City’s many housing lotteries.

One of the latest opportunities is in the heart of the East Village at the Stuytown living complex. The online housing lottery is now open! The building will offer affordable apartments for a variety of household sizes and income levels from $84,150 to $149,490, all rent-stabilized (household and income restrictions apply). The lottery closes on March 10, 2017.

Even better? The Affordable Housing Initiative has carved out a special approval process for freelancers who, as we know, can have a tricky time when it comes to proving income. In order to apply, the self-employed should total net income from the past three years, then make an estimate for the next year’s earnings. You can access a guide outlining all the materials, information, and calculations you will need in order to apply here.

Thanks to the Affordable Housing Initiative for letting us know about this great opportunity and good luck to all the freelancers who go for it!

Laura Murphy A new soul and media geek, Laura writes about community, poetry and pop culture.

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