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How "Key Convincer Phrases" can land you the gig every time

Key Convincer Phrases are terms that arrest our attention. Great copywriters know hundreds of them.

Have you ever read a sales letter and find yourself nodding along in agreement with everything it says? That’s because the letter is loaded with key convincer phrases.

I am going to share how you can get the same results and capture the attention of anyone using a simple three-step strategy to discovering Key Convincer Phrases for any project, sales letter or networking event.

Using this simple strategy you can capture attention, collect key convincer phrases and land more gigs.

This strategy works in person as well. Using the principle below you can find key convincer phrases to make conversations more engaging, interviews more successful and generate greater results from networking.

Here’s how:

Step 1) Make a list of industry jargon and translate it to sound regular.

Jargon is the industry’s version of bragging. People use jargon when they are afraid people won’t see them as experts. Knowing this we need to translate key jargon phrases into normal language.

Below is jargon I see in the copywriting field:

"I want to optimize click through conversion."

Here is the ‘regular’ translation:

"I want more people to look at my stuff."

See it is simple!

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is to substitute regular words for business sounding words. Once you’ve done that read the new sentence out loud. If you’ve done it right a sixth grader should be able to understand you.

Once you’ve translated the jargon go to step two.

Step 2) Understand The Results The Client Wants

Most freelancers never pause to consider what a client wants. I want you to take a moment and figure out what the example clients wants.

"I want more people to look at my stuff."

Ask yourself this: Why do they want more people looking at their stuff?

What would more people looking at that stuff do for them? Do they have an awesome deal, a funny article or do they want people to buy that thing?

Identifying what a client wants is easy. Client’s desires pretty much fall into three categories:

  • Greater Sales
  • Better Publicity
  • Brand Recognition

Pick the category that best fits the translation. What do you think the client from the example wants? What would more people looking at this article do for them?

Let's say the answer is greater sales. The client wants their content marketing to lead to greater sales.

By understanding what it is someone wants you can move to step three.

Step 3) Communicate clearly how you would deliver what a client wants

Sounds simple right? A lot of freelancers (especially experienced ones) forget this step.

Take what you’ve learned from your translation and figure out, in plain language, how you could fix that problem.
In the example above the client wants more people to look at their stuff for greater sales. Okay.

So I know in plain language what they want and why. Now I go in and communicate to them exactly how I would do this.


“I’ll increase your sales by writing an article that teases readers with a solution that they’ll have to sign up for your email list to see. A larger email list means you have more people to whom to market your stuff.”

Key Takeaway:

Mastering communication is the fastest way to speeding up the process to getting what you want.

Learning to identify, create and use key convincer phrases will have a massive impact on your income, growth and communication skills. Use my three step process and get started today!

Jesse Gernigin I'm an author, consultant, copywriter and an expert in social interaction. My site, Live Gold Rich, is designed to help entrepreneurs learn the power of purpose, psychology and persuasion.

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