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8 reasons flying on Sunday can offer peace of mind for traveling consultants

Peace of mind on a Monday morning? That’s not usually the case for most of the regular working world. For consultants, especially those of us who travel regularly, or from time to time, Mondays can bring on a case of agità.

Most consultants who have a regular travel schedule tend to fly out on Monday mornings. It can make for an especially long day, but a lot of people prefer that to missing an extra night at home.

Unfortunately, the pressure of flying on Mondays is what makes for unhappy road warriors. Case in point: when a major carrier experiences a disastrous failure, as Delta did on August 15.
On some occasions, I’ve convinced some consultants to try flying in on a Sunday, as well, and they’ve taken to it. Here are 8 benefits of flying to your destination on Sunday instead.

Fewer Grumpy Agents

Some airports are notoriously busy, all day, every day. Still, you are less likely to encounter grumpy TSA agents or airline gate agents on Sundays. You will likely pass through security faster, even if you’re not a member of one of the known traveler programs.

Peace and (Almost) Quiet

The airport lounges are also quieter. Whether you choose to work in a lounge, or in the general boarding area, you can be productive with fewer distractions.

Sweet Car Deals

Sundays are an especially good time to snag a sweet car rental upgrade. Some rental companies will make you pay for the privilege. However, if you do business with one of the companies that cater to folks who have to travel as part of their livelihood, those upgrades can be free, to a point.

A Room with a View…or Not

Some hotel programs save your preferences so that only the rooms that meet your criteria are offered to you first.
Whether it’s a room with a view, one close to the elevator, one on a higher floor, or simply one with better amenities, the early bird gets the worm.

Connect with your Temporary Family

People in the travel industry are people, too. They have good days and bad days, just like you do. When you have to travel a lot, it’s not all about racking up points to earn free nights.
Treat them with respect, and you will be treated like family. They will remember your name. They will look after you, and look out for you.

There’s no travel reward program that can make someone genuinely happy to see you again, unless you happen to be a decent human being.

So ask about them. How is their daughter doing? Are they having a good day? Where do they like to go for fun after work?
If you can turn on the charm for your clients, you can do the same for other people you encounter along the way.

Sleep like Arianna Huffington

I’m particularly pleased to see a powerful, well-known, and successful businesswoman like Arianna Huffington advocate for better sleep.

Even seasoned travelers can have the occasional sleepless night. It’s not your bed; even if you’re staying in your usual hotel, it’s a different room. Going to bed early, and giving yourself more time for quality sleep, will allow you to be more rested, even if you toss and turn for a while.

Arrive on Time

Flying in on Sunday allows you to drive around and find the quickest route to the office. Sometimes GPS directions are not reliable; Monday morning is not the time to break out in sweat, because no left turn is allowed where the GPS is telling you to turn.

Other times you may have the right address, but the client forgot to tell you that they are located on a large corporate campus. A Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to walk around and make sure you have the right building.

Walk on Water

If you’re a consultant, sometimes clients expect you to come in and walk on water. Even with a modicum of information, they expect you to be productive right away.

Walking in looking and feeling fresh will give them peace of mind that you’re ready to work.

Being away from your family can be difficult. But these are the ways I’ve found some peace of mind when I’m away. Drop me a line, if this helps you.

Happy traveling!

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