How to Feng Shui your creative space

Dec 16, 2016

Is your environment setting the right tone for creative energy to flow? Find out if you are balancing yin and yang in your studio, office or home. The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui can be used to optimize productivity. Here are six easy steps to get harmonizing your environment.

1. Position your room thoughtfully

Align your room with the Bagua Map to give yourself a sense of which energies are best suited for different areas. This can be applied to a whole building, an individual room or even your desk - just scale accordingly.


While we do not always have the luxury of rearranging our space to fit the ideal parameters, there are a few ways to avoid blocking your chi. Try to make sure your desk is facing the door. At the same time, try not to have your back directly to a window.

Can't rearrange this way? Hang a mirror to allow you to see who is coming in and view the outdoors for inspiration. Also, if you are working from home, try not to have your work space near your bed. Your bed should be a safe zone for relaxation without the reminder of responsibilities.

2. Clear your cache

While a studio or office does not need to be pristine, it should be free of clutter that limits your motivation. There is nothing wrong with making a mess on your inspirational journey. The important thing is to remove items that are unfinished, unresolved or outdated. Try finding an area away from where you generally work to store these. Another idea is to donate your old materials or previous work to a charity.

3. Show off your best side

The wall directly across from your door, defined as the "Fame & Reputation" area in the Bagua Map, should be where you display your most successful work. Hang paintings, photos, achievement plaques or newspaper clippings here. Now when you and your guests enter, the first thing shown will be flattering and inspiring.

4. Use color to dictate your chi

Painting walls or adding accent pieces in certain colors can influence different energies. To inspire creativity, try using whites, yellows, pastels and metals. For wealth and prosperity, introduce blues, purples and reds. Use shades of black, blues and greens to promote knowledge and self-cultivation.

5. Invite positive elements in

Drawing from nature is critical to a healthy work flow. Allow natural light to come in when possible. Bring in low maintenance plants and place them in corners. A table top fountain can help set a peaceful mood. Rocks and stones also bring positive energy. Want a little extra help with your financial luck? Try adding a fortune frog facing the door but hidden from plain view.

6. Avoid negative elements

There a few ways to prevent upsetting your creative energy. Make sure your room is free of triangular objects and empty containers. Fire is not likely to be introduced in your space, but if you have a fireplace, hang a mirror above it. Another thing to avoid is harsh lighting or glare. Use light filtering shades to help with this.

I hope you find these methods help increase your productivity, creativity and general spirits. To further improve your work flow, take your time management skills to the next level with a free mini course. Pair that with a Creative Living Planner and you will really be on the way to making 2017 the year of doing what you love!

Danielle Festa

Danielle Festa is a freelance web and print designer, contemporary artist and founder of Creative Living Works, a website designed to bring together creative professionals across over 20 industries.