Why writing about your passion might be the perfect side gig

Nov 30, 2016

Is there something you are really passionate about? Probably you know everything there is to know about cutting edge technology. Or maybe you are an art connoisseur. What if you could share your passion with others and make an income from it?

Well, the short answer is, you can. As long as you have some basic writing skills, you can turn your passion into a bit of extra money, or even a full-time income. Even if your writing skills are not that great, you can do some brushing up on your writing skills through free online writing courses.

There are several ways you can earn money by writing about the topic you love. Some are more flexible than others. Some will require more work than others. The general rule is, you get what you put in.

Revenue sharing through established websites

Many websites and blogs will allow you to publish your work on their site. In return, you can earn a share of the revenue that your articles generate. Some sites require that you fill out an application, while others will let you get started right away.

Revenue sharing as well as flat rate free sites you can write at:






Just be aware: These sites may not make you much to start out – it can take up to 6 months of writing and working with affiliate links to begin to see an income, but they can be very lucrative in the long term.

If blogging is your thing, there is a list of 270 + places to make an income from your blog.

Your own website

Having your own site is an investment. You can make money in so many ways with your own website, including affiliate sales, ad revenue, selling your own products, selling other people's products, and selling your own ebooks. There really are no limits.

But, just like an investment, it's best to take it seriously. You won't be making much money in the beginning. It takes time and commitment to grow your own website into an income. Some websites do best by sticking to a very specific topic, while others do well with a few main categories.

Your own book

Though it's one of the more obvious ways to make money writing about your passion, it deserves mention. Other than the traditional way of getting a book published, self publishing is becoming a popular choice. Ebooks are also more popular than ever.

These options make it easy for new writers to get their work out there faster, demonstrating their expertise to the world. If you go the self-publishing route or ebook route, I recommend finding a good editor. Too often, new writers rush to the market, neglecting to polish their work so that it looks professional and appealing.

The right freelance job

By focusing your job search, you could find the perfect writing job for you, whether it's freelance or you end up getting hired and put on the official payroll of a company. Many clients and companies would rather hire someone who is passionate about the topic, than a more experienced writer who doesn't know the topic well.

Writing job boards are your best bet for this. Try doing a more refined job search on the boards for your specific topic expertise.

You can try one of these methods to start, or several at once. The great thing about having a passion is that you can write all over the web and different publishing platforms at once. All of it builds your image as an expert in your topic, and all of these methods complement each other nicely.

Kimberly Wells-Ball

Kimberly Wells-Ball is a freelance writer and blogger who loves traveling and abseiling. Also, she loves reading poems, watching old movies and learning something new.