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Perks of being a freelancer during an election season

Presidential elections are unruly animals, and they seem to become more feral and less easily housebroken every four years. The 2016 election season has been especially intense, of course, and no matter who you are or how you lean, most everyone is looking forward to casting their ballot and making it all go away.

But, believe it or not, there are some silver linings to this electoral cloud, especially if you’re a freelancer...

1. Making your own schedule means being able to successfully avoid the dreaded Debate Hangover (a common malady among the more conventionally-employed).

Whether it’s the result of an attempt to soothe one’s rattling nerves, or a drinking game centered around the campaign’s most oft-repeated catchphrases, nothing good can come from mixing alcohol with watching the candidates tear into each other at 9pm on a weeknight.

Thank your lucky stars and stripes you get to sleep in.

2. Working from home means you can wear your preferred candidate’s merch proudly without offending anyone! (Throw on a cardigan for that FaceTime meeting, though.)

3. Watching spin doctors defend their candidates on the various cable news networks teaches valuable lessons in dealing with difficult clients and the topics of conversation you’d most like to avoid. (Hint: A.B.P. – Always. Be. Pivoting.)

4. The deafening barrage of political news, gossip, Facebook posts, and the like can actually make it easier to buckle down and get some work done (provided you don’t get into any Twitter wars).

Either the incessant buzz of scandal-mongering and name-calling will cause you to completely unplug, or you’ll begin processing it as an almost therapeutic form of white noise. In any case, your deadline’s met!

5. There’s always a fair amount of uncertainty and anxiety in the air when a two-term president is about to leave office, and while the more passionate among us may talk a good game, being able to “work from anywhere” means you maybe can actually make good on your promise to pick up and leave the country if the other side wins!

6. Best of all: your flexible schedule means you should have no problem (and, similarly, no excuse) when it comes to actually getting yourself up off the couch and out to the polls to VOTE!

With all that in mind, Happy Election Day, Freelancers! Now go have fun pulling those levers and penciling in those ovals!

Kate Shea Kate Shea lives and works in New York City, where she consumes an inordinate amount of Sriracha daily.