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How to use the moon cycle to guide your creative process

As freelancers, it’s in our nature to have several irons in the fire. In addition to projects with our clients, we typically have some sort of passion project in the works. However, if you’re like me, it seems as though the side venture tends to fall to the bottom of the never-ending to-do list – that magic moment of having “enough time” just never seems to arrive.

Recently, I decided to take a new age approach to my creative side venture. This concept is a little unconventional, but stick with me: the moon cycle is rich with opportunity to inspire personal creativity!

Even if you don’t buy into the idea that the position of the sun, moon, and planets shifts the energy on earth and within us, using the moon cycle to guide your creative process may help build structure into your ongoing side project and allow you to make your vision a reality.

The New Moon

Every project starts with a period of brainstorming and preparation. No matter what venture you’re pursuing, this essential step helps to set a strong foundation for the entire scope of work and end product.

As the name indicates, the New Moon phase is the stage in the lunar cycle that coincides with initiation and new beginnings. This is the best time for reflection, re-evaluation, inward focus, and generating ideas for your new project.

First Quarter Moon

Once you’ve established the initial concept for a project, the next step typically involves research and formulation of a plan of action and end goal. This part of the process builds on the groundwork you established in the brainstorming phase and sets you up with all the necessary tools to execute the project.

The First Quarter Moon, or Waxing Moon, phase is the prime time for exploration and breakthroughs. During this dynamic and active time of the lunar cycle, focus your energy on learning, gaining clarity, and honing in on your vision for your creative endeavor.

Full Moon

Taking the steps to prepare and define a clear vision only make up half of the creative process. The most challenging step is often the execution of this carefully formulated plan. The Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle helps to bring out our assertive, expressive, and outgoing nature. This is the best time for culmination and evaluation. Use this point in the cycle to set your project in motion, hunker down, and get productive.

Third Quarter Moon

Before completing any project, you have to review, assess, fill in any gaps, and tie up loose ends. In this final step, you’re no longer generating creative output, and you’re able to focus your energy on seeing the full process and scope of the project.

The Third Quarter Moon, or Waning Moon, phase signifies this moment of finalization and fulfillment. Around this stage, your creative pursuit should be reaching completion. You’ll be able to look at the big picture, identify and solve problems, and bring your vision to fruition.

Regardless of your beliefs about the impact of the sun, moon, and planets, cycles are an inevitable part of our lives. Take the four seasons for instance – fall is a time of change and preparation, winter is a time of rest and inward focus, spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, and summer is a time of exploration and expression.

The changing of the seasons, weather patterns, and length of the day impact us all from our daily habits to our moods whether we realize it or not, and the same impact takes place in a smaller, more subtle way each month with the cycle of the moon.

We’ve just experienced a major moment in these cycles with the arrival of the summer solstice coinciding with the Full Moon phase for the first time in nearly half a century.

If you’ve already brainstormed, formulated a game plan, and set the foundation for your passion project, now would be the perfect time to harness the powerful and expressive energy of the summer season and Full Moon phase and finally start executing your creative vision.

No matter where you are in the creative process, you can use the moon cycle as a guide to help keep you accountable for your deadlines and bring your idea to life.

Caitlyn Crossley Caitlyn is a freelance writer. She believes in creating digital content that uses creativity and storytelling to cultivate brand voice. She's also the founder of ARTicles of Clothing Blog.

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