How to successfully and fashionably wear many hats as a freelancer

Mar 7, 2016

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Hey, there, you go-getter you! Ready to raise hell on another year of cut-throat independence? Of course, you are! As you know, in the freelancing industry, your biggest source of firepower is yourself. So pushing your business to greater heights simply means pushing yourself to greater heights. To a huge number of us, that means it's time to... wear many hats.

It’s not an easy task! Changing hats takes discipline. Here’s how to make the constant wardrobe changes a little more seamless:


Don't just tell your client that you can be two things to them without having the actual guns for it. Go deep into the new role before you start selling it as part of your package. Research. Talk to more experienced professionals. Weigh your capabilities against the hard-hitting truths about this role. Be ready to assume it, if you think you can. But let yourself back down if you find out it isn’t for you. Respect the work.

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Now that you've done your knowledge gathering – practice. Learn. And practice some more. You don't just wake up one morning with a new talent. Immerse yourself in the new role until you become it.


Switching roles takes some finesse. The perspective you have in one hat may not be appropriate for the perspective you need while wearing another. Take a break between roles and refocus your energy.

Wearing many hats broadens your skill set and your business opportunities – which means more moneys and better days. But wearing many hats can be tricky without the right amount of know-how, discipline, and pacing. Try it out little by little. Let it grow on you.

If you can manage to perform this tactic successfully, fashionably… then I tip my hat to you… you, go-getter, you.

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