It's true: successful freelancers convert leads into clients by getting to know their prospects’ biggest issues, and proving themselves to be expert problem-solvers. But the real secret to netting new clients?

Following up.

Studies show that 80% of prospective clients say “no” before they say “yes.” 90% of sales are lost when no second contact is made!

Join Spark on February 3 to create a client pipeline that pays.


SPARK is a nationwide series of monthly get-togethers happening in 19 different cities across the United States. In 2016, we're welcoming the cities of Cleveland, DC and Miami to the mix - so if you're in one of those areas, be sure to check it out!

At February's free Spark event we'll talk about:

  • Ensure interested leads are the real-deal (no tire-kickers!)
  • Tailor your marketing efforts to proven lead sources
  • Develop a client relationship management (CRM) system that doesn’t let you miss an opportunity to connect

Win new business and customer loyalty with this month’s Spark!

At Freelancers Union, Sharon creates opportunities for freelancers to meet, greet, and learn. Find her @sharonlikestone or at the nearest bakery.