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10 ways to be a more connected freelancer in 2016

1. Become a SPARK co-leader

Put growing your local network on the fast-track by becoming a SPARK co-leader! As a Spark leader, you can turbocharge your career through becoming a leader in your freelance community.

Spark leaders....

  • Facilitate free monthly SPARK workshops for local freelancers
  • Help other freelancers develop their careers
  • Connect your community with local partners and business experts

Apply to co-lead SPARK in your city!

2. Volunteer in your community

Volunteering is the new green juice. Turns out, when you invest in your community, you also invest in your own physiological health.

Incorporating a little altruism in your day-to-day can boost your peace-of-mind, enlarge your social networks, and extend your lifespan. Need a place to get started? Try VolunteerMatch.

3. Join Hives and start a conversation

Looking for the perfect place to take productive work-breaks? Hives is our very own virtual watercooler – come and quench your thirst for industry-related advice, gig opportunities, and, of course, photos of your “co-worker’s” furry family.

Check out Hives!

4. Take a class

Whether you want to sharpen your skills or try something new, in-person classes are a great way to both train the brain and meet new friends. Presently, Freelancers Union members can get up to $500-off the course of your choice at General Assembly!

Access the discount!

5. Invite your freelance friends to join Freelancers Union

Do your friends a solid and invite them to join Freelancers Union for free events, resources, and a connected network of 300,000 freelancers!

Invite your friends!

6. Join a coworking space

Reap the benefits of an office environment without having a boss by joining a coworking space. Geared towards freelancers and small businesses, coworking spaces are specially designed to provide a productive place to work as well as offer opportunities to meet new people. Learn more about the benefits of coworking here.

7. Contribute to the Freelancers Union blog

Do you feel inspired to share your knowledge with the freelance community? Here on the Freelancers Union blog, we publish posts from member-volunteers interested in giving back to the freelance community by sharing their stories and advice. If you have freelance tips, a funny freelance anecdote, or anything else you think #FreelanceNation will love, please feel free to submit your post here.

8. Get a hobby

Haha, no, but seriously: You really need a hobby. All work and no play makes freelance days very dull indeed. Pick up an adult coloring book; go indoor rock climbing; start an antique button collection! Even if your hobby isn’t necessarily socially-oriented, it will introduce a sense of play into your life and help you find a deeper connection with the most important person of all: You!

9. Join the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign

OK, really, becoming an activist on behalf of anything you care about is a good way to get connected, but we’re a little biased in favor of #FreelanceIsntFree. As a freelancer, who wouldn’t be?

The #FreelanceIsntFree bill is beginning its progress through New York City Hall. Our goal is to get it passed in NYC and then replicate the effort in cities across the country. Be part of the team making it happen.

Join the campaign!

10. Find an accountability partner

Got goals? Increase your chances of accomplishing them by finding an accountability partner. Having someone holding you accountable can help get you out of the excuses, excuses spin-cycle and into a step-by-step game plan for success! Learn more about accountability partners here.

A new soul and media geek, Laura writes about sustainability, community, poetry and pop culture. Find her @Pennyscientist or on Freelancers Union.

Laura Murphy A new soul and media geek, Laura writes about community, poetry and pop culture.

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