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New York City freelancers: Get involved in your local community!

Over the last year, the freelance workforce has been a key conversation point among New York City policy makers. We realize that freelancers drive much of what makes this city so great - and we want to protect your rights as workers.

But, policy makers can't do it all: the best way to protect your rights is to join the conversation. And the best way I know for freelancers in all professions to have a voice in New York City policy is through membership on their Community Boards.

Community boards are local representative bodies. In New York City, there are 59 community boards consisting of up to 50 members, half of whom are nominated by district city council members.

Community boards have a variety of responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Dealing with land use and zoning issues
  • Assessing the needs of their own neighborhoods
  • Addressing other community concerns

Community board meetings occur once a month and are open to the public – so if you have attended one in your local area, find out when the next one is and see what it’s all about it.

You constitute a strong and growing sector of our city economy and you deserve to be heard by elected leaders. The #FreelancersIsntFree Act is just the beginning of new legislation that you can help raise support for on your Community Board. When we all work together, everyone wins.

We encourage you to apply online here it is the easiest way to apply and receive confirmation once you have filled out the application.


I hope you'll help spread the word about our application to your social networks, email lists, and any contacts you have that may be interested.

Lucille Songhai is the Director of Community Affairs at the Office of the Manhattan Borough President.