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How to text message like a pro

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Today, sending messages by text is one of the most common ways to communicate. So it follows that when you’re sending text messages in a professional setting, presentation matters.

Text messages must be professional, precise, short and to the point. Before you send text messages, check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Check any typos before you send the message – autocorrect can do some crazy things!

When you send text messages, the right words and responses are important because your meaning can be subject to misinterpretation.


Hi, [client]. I’m with a client. May I call you at this number within the next few minutes?

Hi, [client]. I’m at an appointment. Are you still available for 1:30 p.m.?

Hi, [client]. I apologize. I’m running five minutes late. I will be a few minutes late. Can we still meet for our appointment?

While it may be tempting to dip into a more casual style of communication, reserve that for friends and loved ones. Always greet your client when initiating a conversation or responding to a text from them – it’s polite and it shows that you’re conscientious.

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When you’re on a call or not able to answer a text in a timely manner, it’s helpful to set up automated response text messages. With automated responses, senders get an immediate reply that assures them you will return the text as soon as you can.

Learn how to set-up automated text messages for your phone here.


Thank you for contacting me! I’m with a client and will return your message.

Is this the number to call you in the next 5 minutes?

Don't get too deep into a business conversation via text. When in doubt of your client's meaning or if they will understand yours, use your phone's other function and actually call your client. Never let your text conversations get emotional or heated. Remember, everything you text is essentially in writing!

Apply these strategies to improve text messages and avoid misunderstandings.

Angela McClain is a freelance writer and consultant for AM Writing & Editing.