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Free spec work? Watch people in other industries #SayNoToSpec

Just say NO to spec work

Learning to say no to “spec work” may seem like a futile endeavor, but I’m here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE.

A Toronto agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo, illustrates the ask many freelancers receive for free artistic work. And it looks as absurd as it sounds.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself if spec work is not for you.

Learning to say no can be difficult, but with the right support and the belief that your work is worth something (and that something = A LOT), then you will be able to ask for the payment your work deserves.

As the woman in the video pragmatically states, “You just gotta trust.”

An aspiring novelist and human and animal rights activist, Sarah Sather is the Communications Associate at Freelancers Union. When she’s not writing blog posts and editing articles, Sarah’s exploring NYC with her lovely girlfriend and their dachshund Mila.