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Sara Horowitz brings the #FreelanceIsntFree Campaign to Washington

For the American freelancer, this was a big week in Washington.

Freelancers Union Founder, Sara Horowitz was invited to speak on a panel that took place during the Summit on Worker Voice at the White House, hosted by President Obama.

Prior to the event, we asked you to raise your voice and help #StartTheConvo in Washington around wage theft – and the President heard #FreelanceNation loud and clear!

Nearly 100 tweets expressing common freelance concerns, questions for lawmakers, and pictures from the event came pouring in throughout the course of the day.

Thanks to the buzz from #FreelanceIsntFree supporters, the moderator selected a question directly from Freelancers Union member Sunday Steinkirchner via Twitter.

President Obama personally responded to Sunday’s question. Following his comments, the moderator invited Freelancers Union Founder and Executive Director, Sara Horowitz, to announce the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign to the President and the rest of the attendees. Watch the exchange here.

Freelance Nation spoke and Washington listened.

It’s a perfect example the profound difference we can make when we come together.

Join the #FreelanceIsntFree campaign today & let’s keep this momentum going!

Thanks to all that took part yesterday!

77% of freelancers have trouble getting paid by their clients. What can be done to change this? #StartTheConvo #FreelanceIsntFree @USDOL

— Jennifer Chen (@jchenwriter) October 7, 2015

Wage theft is a serious issue. How can we protect freelancers against nonpaying clients? #StartTheConvo #FreelanceIsntFree @USDOL

— Neena Deibler (@hunneypie22) October 7, 2015

.@freelancersu @POTUS It would be great if freelancers got the same respect and tax breaks as someone starting a small business.

— Eric M Bacon (@EricMBacon) October 7, 2015

If we account for 33% of the work force then his omitting us from policy amounts to slapping our collective faces.

— Will Wright (@WrightsWords) October 7, 2015

@POTUS @freelancersu We freelancers are out here and we matter! We work long days with little or no line between work and family. #freelance

— Lexi (@Neptunes_Net) October 7, 2015

ending non-payment to freelancers: @Sara_Horowitz highlights #FreelanceIsntFree campaign to @POTUS #StartTheConvo

— Arun Sundararajan (@digitalarun) October 7, 2015

.@sara_horowitz takes the mic! avg freelancer has been stiffed $6k/year #StartTheConvo #FreelanceIsntFree

— Denise Cheng (@hiDenise) October 7, 2015

And @Sara_Horowitz tells @POTUS about @freelancersu's #FreelanceIsntFree campaign! #WorkerVoice #StartTheConvo

— Rochelle (@Rochelle) October 7, 2015

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