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6 habits of successful solopreneurs

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Entrepreneurs and CEO's are driven individuals who have stressful jobs, busy home lives, and businesses to manage - it can be overwhelming!

But you CAN do it all! You just need to outsource some of the tough items that take up too much time and brain power!

**Make a fresh to-do list every day. **

Writing down what needs to be done, not only helps to keep you focused and stay on target, but it helps you feel productive and accomplished when you get to cross the items off the list.

**Learn the art of prioritizing your schedule. **

The most important items generally should be at the top of the list but if your brain is blocked from doing them because you have too many smaller tasks to do, allow yourself the time to get them out of the way. Once they are done, you will truly be able to focus on the important tasks.

**Find trusted consultants and outsource the things that either need the most dedicated attention or take up the most time. **

For example, an event or project manager who is dedicated to focusing on the smaller details can help you get the best out of an upcoming important project.

**Ensure the people around you are the best they can be. **

Work out what skills you need around you and hire or train your people to ensure they give you their best. They will feel valued and you will get better people and skills.

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**Use your online calendars and put everything in there! **

Color code items for work, family and personal. Ensure anniversaries, birthdays and important annual dates are in each year so that you never forget.

**Everyone can benefit from goal setting sessions. **

Sit with a business or career coach and plan for the next 3, 6 & 12 months. Strategies what is most important and have someone external hold you accountable for these items. This can help keep you focused and feel like you are working on your business, not just in the business.

Peta Arthurson is an Award Winning Entrepreneur and Professional Organizer specializing in Event and Project Management and consults with Start Ups to help them achieve their goals. Based in New York, Peta can help you develop your business, your special projects and get you organized. Visit