A day in the life of a freelance fashion designer

Sep 11, 2015

Ágnes Mikke is a freelance fashion designer, in the earliest stages of starting her own brand. She loves freelancing because it allows her to follow her passion. Discover what a day in her life is like in this Member Spotlight:

7:30 AM
While I’m sipping coffee I’m browsing Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, and Facebook. Social media is an important part of my business, so I start work while waking up.

9:00 AM
My to-do app, Any.do, wakes me up for real. First, I get stressed. Then, I get dressed! And start checking things off my Any.do list.

11:00 AM
Freelance perk-- time for brunch!

1:00 PM
I have a Skype meeting with my web designer to discuss the details of my new website, and how to integrate it with my blog.

2:00 PM
Back to work on my new collection. I have a little old-fashioned scrapbook where I collect all my ideas-- motivational drawings, patterns, or designs, and long-term to-do lists.

** 3:00 PM**
Time to go shopping! I’ve got to buy sketch brushes so I can work on some new patterns.

Thankfully, I don’t have to shop for fabric today-- finding the right fabric to fit a particular concept can be challenging! Some days I have to get up early in the morning and browse all day. I literally go from shop to shop touching all the textiles that exist.

On my way home, I stop at the park and sit to clear my head. It doesn’t look like working, but sometimes my best ideas come to mind like this. Actually, I had to learn how to NOT feel guilty about this part of the process. Thanks Creative Mornings!

A lot of my design inspiration comes from staying active-- tonight, it’s yoga. Many of my patterns are inspired by my outdoor adventures!

Before going to bed, I always force myself to read one Shopify article about online marketing, especially as I’m planning to launch my new line AND website. Sweet business dreams!

Ágnes Mikke has been a Freelancers Union member for just under a year. She’s got a typical Hungarian love of potatoes, and her favorite bands are ones you haven’t heard of yet (“The Asteroids Galaxy Tour” and “The Cotton Jones Basket Ride”... anyone? Anyone?) See her work here.

Sharon Bruce

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