Crafting an “authentic brand story” might sound like marketing-speak, but for freelancers, it's a highly personal process that involves some real soul searching.

On September 2nd, freelancers across the United States gathered in 17 different cities and provided counsel, support, and feedback for one another at the SPARK "How to hook clients with an authentic brand story"workshop event. The results were outstanding.

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“Make your contract your best business ally”

Brooklyn SPARK started out by brainstorming together:

At SPARK Austin, attendees tweeted their goals - keeping it to 140 characters or less ensured that statements were brief and to-the-point!

Chicago SPARK swapped brand stories with one another.TedX #LifeofYes speaker, Saya Hillman’s happy/scared-in-a-good-way expression of awesomeness says it all:

Ultimately, crafting an authentic brand story turned out not to be a marketing exercise, but rather an exercise in self-discover. And that takes guts.

Bravo, SPARK Septemeber attendees!

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