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Top 4 reasons to be your own #GirlBoss

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On November 14th, the world will celebrate its second-annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day - a globally recognized holiday which celebrates, supports, and empowers women entrepreneurs worldwide.

It's officially the age of the female entrepreneur.

How can #PRGirls get a bite of the pie, you ask? It’s simple: some call it freelancing, I prefer consulting or strategizing!

You get the gist. Not every woman has the gusto (or desire) to create a multi-million dollar company and that’s ok!

Get your foot in the door of entrepreneurship by positioning yourself to one day create your own agency or firm. A great way to start is to offer your services as an independent communications consultant.

During the summer of 2014, I quit my job and set out on this path titling myself an Integrated Marketing & Event Management consultant.

Over the course of a year, I’ve juggled a total of 12 clients (not at the same time, of course!). And though it has its ups and downs, it has been a dream. I find myself learning more, growing more, and going the extra mile.

In case you’re not already sold on it, I’ve put together a list of the top 4 reasons every #PRGirl should step out be her own #GirlBoss.

**1. You earn more money **

On average, freelancers earn 45% more than those who are traditionally employed. We’re also allowed to deduct certain business expenses that employees cannot, which allows us to actually keep more of what we earn.

Anyone that’s ever seen billing for a PR firm (or any firm, really) knows that a company will bill a client over three to four times what the employee actually earns.

It makes sense in the grand scheme of things - gotta keep the lights on! But how unfair!

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2. You're your own #GirlBoss

There's no corporate ladder for me. Instead, my career is like a jungle gym and there's tons of room to play.

I have the freedom to explore my industry, set my own standards, and select my own clients. This means I deal with fewer pesky things like beaurocratic barriers, office politics, and gender discrimination.

Forget climbing the corporate ladder: break your own glass ceiling in your free time!

3. Freelancing can actually expand your already existing skillset

Last fall I picked up a few textbooks: one was a book on branding & design, another was on contract writing.

Within a few months of beginning consulting these are two skills that I felt were imperative to have. Now, I can draft a client contract in under 20 minutes using a template that I created myself.

Thanks to the built-in freedom and flexability that comes with independent counsulting, I've also been able to pursue other more tangential goals like attaining a Master’s degree from an Ivy League institution, laying the groundwork for a non-profit organization, sitting on a Board of Directors, growing an herb garden and traveling for months at a time.

In a more traditional career there's less incentive to actively pursue a new skill, but independent consulting requires that you pick up the skills you need to be unstoppable!

4. You can go global – from your living room

No office space means your office is in the cloud. You have the ability to grow your network across the country. What’s more #GirlBoss than that?

Hunting for a traditional position means limiting yourself to local opportunities, unless you’re ready to uproot your life and move to a new location.

With freelancing there’s no moving necessary, which means you can work with someone around the corner or around the globe.

**Truth is: self-employment is an amazing personal & professional lifestyle choice. **

It’s not all glory; sometimes freelancing isn’t an easy road to travel.

But, it can provide great rewards for #PRGirls willing to step off the beaten path.

Always remember that you need to have self-discipline & control to make it through. And yet, with proper time management and knowing where to set your boundaries, there’s no stopping you.

Go get ‘em #PRGirls! And see YOU on November 14th to toast to Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!