Typically, Spark asks freelancers to workshop answers to a particular question. “How can I market my business to a niche audience? How can I negotiate the rates I deserve? August Spark asked freelancers to enjoy themselves and spend some quality time with their freelance community!

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“How to Hook Clients with an Authentic Brand Story”

Best part of the night? Our #FreelanceSpark giveaway winners smiling as they show off their awesome new swag!

Other amazing moments? That time when...

San Francisco freelancers packed the house.. well, the tres-chic loft.

San Diego Spark all bought matching glasses, and crowned a freelance king!

Every attendee at Brooklyn Spark held a freelancer bingo card in their hand as they networked to win awesome prizes!

(Did anyone “find who someone who… is part of a mastermind group??)

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