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A very cool playlist for a very hot summer

I don’t know about you, but things are heating up over here in New York City. For me, it provides the perfect excuse to stay inside, crank the AC up, and get some work done.

But what fun is hiding out if you’re just listening to the mindless hum of the air conditioner unit? If you’re not at the beach, the least you can do is pretend that you’re out there in the sunshine surfing….or whatever it is that those outdoorsy types do.

So last week, we asked Freelancers Union members what their favorite songs of the summer were. We ended up with some great new songs, some classics, and some that we had never even heard of! It might not be your typical summer playlist, but we love it!

So do you need some new tunes for the summer? Check this out:

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Peter Hilton is the Social Media and Community Manager at Freelancers Union. When he's not glued to Twitter, he's playing drums, writing, or figuring out a way to fit more records into his tiny NYC apartment. Check him out @PeteHiltonJr