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Got stiffed? Share your story

Ever been stiffed? Paid late? Or dealt with terrible payment practices?

Freelancers have trouble collecting payments from clients far too frequently.

77% of freelancers report issues getting paid at some point during their career and 40% said they got stiffed in the last year. This adds up to an average of $6,000 in lost income per year.

Collectively the numbers are astounding, a 2011 study estimated that NYC freelancers annually may be owed 1.1 billion in unpaid wages.

This is unacceptable! Too many freelancers are getting stiffed and spending countless hours chasing down payment.

We are working to solve this issue and **we want to hear from you.**‚Äč

**Take a few minutes to tell us your story **

To tackle the problem of nonpayment, we need the collective voice of independent workers telling their stories.

If you've dealt with nonpayment in the past, or are **currently struggling with a deadbeat client - **let us know.

**We have resources that can help and, most importantly, sharing your story will help end nonpayment for freelancers everywhere. **

Tell your story...and then spread the wordy by sharing this link with your fellow freelancers.

All freelancers deserve to be paid for their work. Let's make it happen.

Mo Kinberg is the Advocacy and Organizing Manager at Freelancers Union. She is a dedicated community and campaign organizer with over seven years experience working with community organizations and labor unions. Mo Kinberg lives in Jersey City with her husband and two dogs.