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A day in the life of a part-time ninja warrior

Freelancing allows Xavier Fan, to lead a superhero-style double life. Part Quickbase consultant, part stunts and improv actor, Xavier’s day is as action-packed as the ninja warrior commercial that started his on-camera carrier. Find out all about it in this month's Member Spotlight:

This is the time I usually wake up if I don't have an early morning meeting. I open up the blinds, water my plants, have a simple breakfast, and boot up the computer to get started on my day.

To hold my todo lists, I use Remember the Milk (RTM). I have hundreds of tasks in RTM, ranging from things to be done today, to months in the future. I use Intuit QuickBooks Online for tracking my finances and client project time.

For my technology consulting work, I juggle my time between 5 or 6 long-term clients. My current focus is on customizing Intuit QuickBase - an online database & collaboration platform - for clients to do project management, CRM, and all kinds of online record keeping and reporting.

I head to Wild Ginger, a Pan-Asian Vegan Cafe in Brooklyn, to meet with a friend who is a freelance yoga teacher. Lunches with friends can be great networking opportunities!

I'm in the process of putting together a solo show, and rehearse some of the segments in preparation for an initial rough run-through next week. I got my start in acting playing a ninja on a national TV commercial.

Nap time!

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Back to work. Sometimes I like to leave my afternoon open for last-minute client calls. This kind of flexibility and responsiveness sets me apart and my clients appreciate that level of service.

I started tumbling as an adult and I love the gymnastics class at NYC Elite. The instructor Randy kicks our butts and encourages us to push our limits.

Back home and pleasantly tired after the gymnastics class, I take a shower and enjoy a relaxing late dinner.

I’m shooting a fight scene tomorrow, so I pack my bag with pads and other stunt equipment, and set it by the door. I also print out a map of the shoot location - you never know if your phone might die on you!

Enough with the web browsing or reading or watching TV. I review my to do list on Remember the Milk, and clean up all the tasks for today - either closing them or postponing them to a later day.

It'll be a long day on set tomorrow - time for bed!

Xavier Fan has been a Freelancers Union member for 10 years, regularly attends the Brooklyn Spark events, and loves to share his experiences with beginning freelancers in the How to get started freelancing Hive. Fave him on his profile and feel free to drop a line!

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