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IKEA Hack: the $22 DIY standing desk

Are you sitting down for this? If you’re working at a desk, there’s a 86% chance that you are. By now, you know that sitting all day poses major health risks, but a standing desk could set you back $200 to $2000 - OUCH!

We know, you’ve heard it: Nothing is too expensive when it comes to your health!

But, when your income isn’t exactly stable and you’re tethered to your workspace all day trying to increase it, spending your cold hard cash on a desk when you have a perfectly functioning one right in front of you isn’t exactly appealing.

Never fear, freelancer! We combed the interwebs to bring you the World’s Cheapest Standing Desk.

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Maybe our favorite IKEA hack to date, the Standing Desk 2200 will only cost you a cool $22. It’s easy to assemble, ergonomic, and wallet-friendly. WOOT!

Ready to take a stand? Here’s your shopping list:

You can download assembly instructions from the Standing Desk 2200 inventor and fellow solopreneur Colin Nederkoorn’s site, but construction is pretty foolproof.

Have you converted to a standing desk yet? What are your tips for creating a healthy workspace?

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